Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mom, Dad and Holloween

Well we bought a few holloween outfits. ( Ones a tad bit to big for her..) This is one of them. Says "moms lil monster on the back". Want to try the others tomorrow seeing as she wont fit in them next year. Gotta get somethin out of them...

Its already goin way faster than I wouldve imagined. She'll be a month old this week.....Crazy

Fam continued..

Hooray for family!

Weird finally being in a home where we could have people come visit us. Some of Annes family is close ( which is nice ) and dropped in. And my dad and sis came by for a short stint. What made that nice is it was my 40th bday while they were visiting. I dont see them much so it was an extra special treat.

Crazy that pretty much the first 10 years together Anne and I have been "Aunt Anne" and "Uncle Mel". I think I blanked most of the pregnancy, cause its very surreal that Im changing diapers... I hope I can be semi cool as a dad. It seemed so easy being an uncle. ( Easy to fool the nephews and nieces with my toy filled office ;)


Taking Meika home was about the scariest thing ever. I thought I had anxiety before....whooo! So many new experiences for Anne and I this year. I hope that I can make sure to spend my time more in the "Now" and enjoy it.

Shes been great thus far. Think shes tryin to ease us into it. Thanks sweetie!

So I think I can dance...

So it begins. Im pretty late to the game on this family thing, and I know before long she'll be grown and out the door. This blog will be a way for me to stop and smell the roses. And put my rants on how Im not gettin sleep and the ol " what made me think I could do this? " comments.

Oh and because Im unwilling to do the face book thing, Im bloggin this cause of my laziness to print out pics and send them to friends and fam. Now lets see if this old guy can find some sort of balance.

Welcome to the world Meika!

Meika Loren Milton -- born 5lbs even 18 inches long.